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Christchurch Gap Filler

Gap Filler is an organization in Christchurch that sprung up after the earthquakes to regenerate ownership and revitalization in their city, by activating vacant sites with creative projects like some of the ones below. It’s pretty awesome.


RAD Bikes. Gap Golf. Sound Garden. The Dance-O-Mat. The Commons. The Arcades Project & I Like Your Form.

Christchurch TV Interview


First morning in Christchurch, had to be up bright and early for a television interview with Channel 3 New Zealand News. Link to interview here

Christchurch Day 1


School for Young Writers’ Write Now posters. Morning, North Hagley Park. Breakfast. Orari in the daylight. Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu. High Street. Black Betty. Old post office building in Cathedral Square. Photo exhibit. Treehouses For Swamp Dwellers, by Julia Morison. Christchurch Cathedral. Chalice, by Neil Dawson. Sarah Hughes’ flag wall. The Cardboard Cathedral.

Arriving in Christchurch

Christchurch airport, late. Orari B & B, home for the week. Kiwi selfie.

For rocking it all out when you gots to. Cedric-style.

The Opera House

Sydney Opera House. Theater space. The Symphony Hall mezzanine. Symphony Hall exterior. Symphony Hall interior. Opera Hall steps. Mezzanine/baleen. In the cleavage. The Opera Hall.


Klink coffee 1. Klink 2. Klink 3. Tattoo at The Basement show. “Fuck you MIles.” “What, but why Bo?” The Fine Food Store with Miles & Kirstin.

A still sea calls from someplace else.

A still sea calls from someplace else.

The Golden Dawn. I’ll be up there in a couple of hours. Auckland. #vscocam

The Golden Dawn. I’ll be up there in a couple of hours. Auckland. #vscocam

Canberra to Sydney