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It will be good to ride a bicycle today. The air is cold this morning. And lovely. Rain finally came to Texas yesterday. We were at the beach and thus missed the storm at home but in Port Aransas we watched it fall down in sheets, felt the heavy drops while running to the car. On the ferry stared at the pelican’s blue beak. On the drive home the clouds parted, let the sun come through. Clear. On the other side of the far fields, the clouds in a line like an ocean wave, the light rising behind them. Valhalla riding horses on the other side. We listened to hip hop and felt the wind. Watched the cattle moving through the grass, and though it had already passed, towards the rain.

In taking the trash out to the can this morning, it felt like autumn in the northwest. Grey. Cool. Rainwater on the lid and the dirt in the backyard, having hungered so long, dark with water.