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More Dorothea Lasky

Erica Fabri was posting poetry resources on her twitter today and I came across this poem the other week here and been wanting to share it. Guess it’s just a Dorothea Lasky kinda day. SUch a wondrous and heartbreaking poem.

by Dorothea Lasky

I am sick of feeling
I never eat or sleep
I just sit here and let the words burn into me
I know you love her
And don’t love me
No, I don’t think you love her
I know there are clouds that are very pretty
I know there are clouds that trundle round the globe
I take anything I can to get to love
Live things are what the world is made of
Live things are black
Black in that they forgot where they came from
I have not forgotten, however I choose not to feel
Those places that have burned into me
There is too much burning here, I’m afraid
Readers, you read flat words
Inside here are many moments
In which I have screamed in pain
As the flames ate me