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"O" & "13"



One of the most enjoyed books of my childhood/adolescence is The Wonderful Oby James Thurber with wonderful illustrations from Marc Simont. It’s one of those books that was always on our bookshelf ready to be pulled out on a weekend afternoon to be read through. While I was in South Africa last year I came across a first edition of it and promptly bought it, though sometime afterwards I came across another first edition at Powell’s in better condition and promptly bought that one as well. We had another children’s book of Thurber’s called The Thirteen Clocks, which was also illustrated by Simont (though our childhood copy was not). It’s a fairy tale written in the same playful phonetics and witty vernacular that Thurber is known for, all about Zorn of Zorna attempting to rescue the beautiful Saralinda from the clutches of her uncle, an evil duke. Both of these books being such a part of my lazy day reading adventures growing up and already having one of them in a first edition, I have been on the lookout for the same with The Thirteen Clocks, or at least an older version of it. On this recent trip to Portland, lo and behold there one was, a first edition though sans book jacket, with Simont’s beautiful illustrations in color. Hot dog Marc Simont. Hot dang dippity dog.

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